We have produced thousands of live events in Italy and Europe

Innovative Shows

When the show transforms and evolves into a 360-degree immersion, the audience is at the center and lives a new, engaging experience. The formats made by Dimensione Eventi are: “Van Gogh on Ice”, the show with international artists and 3D mapping of Van Gogh's paintings; "Klimt Images" a new immersive experience inside the Klimt's paintings with a powerful performance of live acrobats and circus performers; “Beethoven Alive”, with songs played live by the orchestra that is immersed in a unique video mapping experience.

Original Concerts

Our staff is made up of professionals who have been working in this sector for many years and are able to study the most exciting solution on stage, taking care of every minimum detail, from production to communication.

Sport Entertainment

The most avant-garde international formats of sport to entertain a target family audience. Produced in the biggest stadiums or concert venues throughout Europe.

Theater Productions

We are always at the forefront of producing high-profile theatrical performances. Often forging international collaborations for the acquisition of official rights to offer our audience a multitude of diversified theatrical productions.

Family Entertainment

We are very careful in evaluating the current market, creating interactive, immersive and emotional performance events. Thanks to our creative staff, we study the most exciting solution on stage, taking care of every productive and communicative detail with particular attention to shows for a family target.

Masterclass & Talkshow

We bring leading Content Creators to the stage.